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Project Management

Communication is the key

We at Symbio want to work as transparently and efficiently as possible, so working tightly together with the customer is of high importance to us. A principal asset of our projects is the communication that Symbio is able to establish with the customer early on. Through hard work from the sales team, the relationship grows, and trust finds its place in the project. Ongoing communication enables to erase the uncertainty around the work and allows the team to clearly focus on the customer goals.

The customer relationship is built little by little, through direct and transparent communication along the project. We collect feedback constantly and share the lessons learned throughout the organization to improve our project management practices.

Get experienced project managers to handle your development projects.

Cross-functional teams

Another key asset is the ability to assemble a cross-functional team for our projects. We use tools like Azure Devops or Jira, which give us the flexibility and adaptability to manage each of our projects to their needs. The methodologies that we use, such as Agile and Kanban, meet our projects’ and project team’s unique requirements. This not only makes our projects run smoothly, but also offers full visibility to our customers. Thanks to the different domains of expertise among the team, our projects are achieving their objectives, resulting in high quality end products with high reliability.

Project Management as a Service

Based on the skills and knowledge that we have gained from our own customer projects, we are able to provide experienced project managers to keep your projects on track. Whenever you have a need for a skilled project manager or someone to help you with improving project management practices, contact us!

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