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China Market Entry for Applications

Symbio’s Expertise in China

A deeper understanding of the Chinese market is the key success factor for your application in the region. Our expertise will guide you through China specific legal requirements for the market entry, as well as the qualifications for specific app distribution stores. With Symbio you will gain a deeper understanding of the big picture for your app distribution in the Chinese app-ecosystem.

Competent partner for China market entry.

Symbio’s Expertise in China

Just like China boasts of a huge market with many cities, so it does with mobile application stores, especially for Android devices. A thorough understanding of the rules and regulations of each of these app-markets is essential to submitting and distributing your application. With presence in China, Symbio can help you with the following:

  • Identifying the best distribution channel for your application
  • Investigating the legal and technical requirements of app distribution
  • Planning the launch of your application in China
  • Support throughout the life cycle of the application as new features or other changes are introduced

Symbio’s unique position in China offers you the incredible opportunities to successfully distribute your mobile application, resulting in great revenue gains. Our many previous ventures in this area give us the confidence that we are able to understand the needs for your application in a distributed app-market economy.

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