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11.10.2022 | Articles

Working as a Trainee at Symbio – Infoscreen Coding

My name is Juha Rainto and I started as a trainee at Symbio in February. From July to August, I worked on building an info screen for our Oulu office…
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08.09.2022 | Career stories

Kari Kauppi, Senior Director, Head of Automotive

Kari has traveled a long way with Symbio and was actually one of the founding members of Symbio’s predecessors. This year, Kari achieved 20 years in the service of the…
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Case Kuopion Vesi
07.09.2022 | References

Kuopion Vesi - Better User and Customer Experience with New Communication Platform

The expansion of the operational area triggered the need to improve communication Kuopio Vesiliikelaitos was incorporated at the beginning of 2020, when the municipality of Siilinjärvi also became a shareholder…
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31.05.2022 | Events

RoboCon 2022

The fifth annual Robot Framework (RF) conference was just held in Helsinki. Unlike last year’s solely virtual conference, it was a hybrid one this time around. RoboCon2022 introduced the latest and greatest…
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24.05.2022 | Articles

Symbio Moves: Part 1 ­– Oulu

Remote working and empty offices during Covid-19 times made us at Symbio think about the meaning of the office today. Most of our employees have worked remotely for the past…
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28.02.2022 | Career stories

Valentin Mindjek, Senior UI/UX Designer

“My Symbio journey started in 2017.  During that time, I have been able to wear many hats: I have worked on testing, localization testing in Norwegian, and grew up from…
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