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Symbio was born with a clear mission – to be our clients’ partner in creating innovations that reshape our world. We are aimed at developing high-quality digital products and services that create business value for our clients.

Co-creation is the heart of Symbio. We are always eager to learn new and be the forerunners in development. Symbio Finland has strong roots in Finland, but at the same time, we are part of Symbio Global, which has offices both in the US and China. This enables us with knowledge and skills from the global markets that we bring to the table. When it comes to demanding software development projects, embedded development, or quality assurance, we are your partner. Together we are more than two.

Symbio People

We, Symbio people, use technology and our skills to create value for the clients.

We are professionals who want a stable community where we can learn from each other. ​
We strive for our customers to be successful by providing good technology in every shape and form. ​

We want to satisfy our curiosity, and we want to have the freedom to make decisions and realize the choices to the end through many aspects of high performance – from attention to detail in our daily tasks to diligent business securing necessary financial means.​

This is Symbio Finland

110 Around 110 employees in Finland
3 Offices Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu
15 Nationalities Finland, Sweden, France, Netherlands, U.S, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Iran, Croatia, Hungary, Norway, Serbia, China, Portugal, India
15,5 Symbioneers’ average years of experience in the IT field
7 Average length of employment in years at Symbio
2300 Over 2300 projects delivered to customers

Symbio Culture

How do we work together, what and how do we communicate with each other? Culture is not something we could redefine or invent, it’s essentially how we live our professional purpose daily. 

Symbio culture is stories of what we have done, and habits we daily carry out together. It is the wonder and endorphins of getting the code work, finally. It is the pride of delivering software with good quality to a client. It is jolly faces at a Christmas party, after long-time-no-see. It is the Teams meetings where people join timely and work efficiently, to avoid wasting everyone’s time. It is the bad jokes on coffee breaks. It is the way we support each other in tight times, and the times of growth. It is the Symbio culture.

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Turo Siipo
Sr. Sales Manager
+358 10 835 8313

Riitta Vaajamo
Sr. Sales Manager
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Saara Niskanen
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
+358 50 473 0203

Antti Männikkö
Senior Specialist, Talent Acquisition
+358 50 568 0624

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